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The Town  Cultural Centre conducts essential cultural activities. Its main objectives include cultural education and creatively stimulating the local environment.

Permanent artistic sections operate under the aegis of the Centre's auspices. In the artistic workshop, children, young people and adults alike improve their painting talents. Interests in acting can be developed during permanent classes for children and youth in the “13” Theatrical Group. A multimedia workshop offers photographic classes to both young and elderly people which offers a real and extraordinary sense of observation. Musical and vocal education is provided by the Centre's musical section, It comprises classes in singing and instrument playing. Children and young people can attend ballroom dance classes and breakdancing. The “Sezamki” Dance Ensemble and “Pozytywka” creative development activities bring together the youngest inhabitants of Międzyrzec, talented in the area of music and dance. Cultivating and promoting folk culture is the responsibility of the “Dzieci Podlasia” Folk Song and Dance Ensemble active for more than 30 years. An integral part of the ensemble is a folk band, accompanied by dancers, with instruments such as  accordions, drums, clarinets, double bass, violins and the trumpet.

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The institutions of the Town cultural Centre also include the Kino za Rogiem (“Cinema at the Corner”), a small repertory cinema serving as an alternative for large commercial theatres. The Kino za Rogiem offers a wide repertoire of feature, documentary and animated films addressed to viewers of all ages and diverse aspirations. Compared to other cinemas, ours stands out because of the fact that we offer the possibility to rent the auditorium and select a specific film.

Another institution operating under the wing of the Town's Cultural Centre is the University of the Third Age, bringing together approx. 80 senior citizens. It provides elderly people with an opportunity for constant intellectual, artistic and physical activity. The town and county cultural events are enriched by performances of the “Wiarus” Male Choir active for more than 30 years.

Cultural projects of nationwide importance include such events as: “Królewskie Wiwaty” a historic, open-air, re-enactment event, the All-Poland Outdoor Painting Workshop organized by the „ES” Gallery from Międzyrzec, the ROCKwMOK an all-Poland Review of Rock Bands, or the All-Poland Ballroom Dance Tournament. Each year, the town also hosts such events as festivals and concerts during the Międzyrzec Days, as well as the Międzyrzec Jazz Meetings promoting valuable artists in the Polish and international musical scene.

In Międzyrzec Podlaski, one can admire a permanent exhibition of sculptures by native artist Henryk Burzec, a well-known sculptor and a disciple of Xawery Dunikowski. His small-sized and open-air sculptures adorn art galleries, churches and urban spaces in many Polish and foreign towns and cities.



 The “ES” Gallery exhibits the most recent works of art, mainly paintings, drawings, graphics and photography. Each year, the Gallery organizes more than a dozen individual and collective exhibitions. It presents work from well-known Polish artists but is also very eager to promote young debuting artists. Since its establishment, it has been managed by Andrzej Szczerbicki.