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The Town Sports and Leisure Centre in Międzyrzec Podlaski administers sports venues, it is involved in the organization of sports and leisure events for children, youth and adults, as well as cooperates with educational establishments, sports clubs, associations and organizations in the city.


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The Centre’s  facilities:

-          OCEANIK - the town swimming pool with a sauna at Zarówie 86 street;

-          A ski slope with a plastic surface and a skiing equipment rental shop, a parking lot and a camping site at Zahajkowska 22-26 street;

-          A town stadium with a complex of sports fields, a sports pavilion and tennis courts at Pszenna 3 street;

-          Biały Orlik – a seasonal ice rink at  Warszawska street (at the Complex of Secondary Schools);

-          A bathing beach at Zahajkowska  street (guarded from June to August);

The Town Sports and Leisure Centre has been cooperating for many years with the  “MOSiR HURAGAN” Sports Club, which has the following active sections:

-          football – approx. 200 athletes;

-          swimming – approx.  70 athletes;

-          Olympic taekwondo – approx. 80 athletes;

-          volleyball – 14 athletes in the men’s 2nd league;

-          table tennis – approx. 12 athletes in the 3rd league;

-          MTB cycling – approx. 15 athletes.

orlik trojka



“MOSiR HURAGAN” Sports Club can boast many medalists, national team members and Polish record holders in their respective sports.

The sports offer and the opportunities for active leisure are constantly being expanded and adapted to meet the expectations of the  town’s residents. Anybody willing is invited to cooperate in the creation of the sports life in Międzyrzec Podlaski.